Converged Infrastructure Discipline Lead for the Americas

Recently, I accepted a position as the Converged Infrastructure Discipline Lead for the Americas within EMC. I have been so fortunate to work at such a great company with such great individuals. The last 5+ years at VCE has been my favorite time within my career. Last week was my first week and I am still getting up to speed along with developing the framework. I am very much looking forward to the role and all that it entails. Below, I have included a few details in reference to the Converged Infrastructure Discipline Lead for the Americas role. 

  • Technical SME for discipline members both internal and external to EMC proactively assessing methods and procedures 
  • Responsible for the identification of skill gaps and the development of a readiness plan for discipline members based on new or existing products and services
  • Collaboration with delivery team members in their discipline to develop and refine methodologies, standards and best practices
  • Identification of key certifications by role for critical skills within the discipline
  • Foster communities within discipline to promote sharing across members of best practices, standards and methodologies
  • Ongoing regular communication and discipline leadership to members
  • Collaborate and share with peer discipline leaders around the globe to assist with consistency across EMC Professional Services
  • Partner with the field to help support key customers, or early adopters of new offerings
  • Collaborate with the P&SA team, EMC business units and the portfolio team to ensure the awareness of new product and service introduction
  • Provide input and feedback on behalf of the delivery teams to the portfolio and business units around product and service offering development
  • Partner with the geographic leadership to understand reoccurring delivery quality challenges and develop programs to proactively improve delivery quality within their discipline
  • Proactively evaluate the resource capacity and skills pyramid within the discipline and build strategies for further optimization in service delivery
  • Identify and qualify key partners who can assist with service delivery based on in house skill gaps
  • Identify key areas of investment and growth for the discipline based on inputs from the business units, portfolio, delivery, sales and market trends
  • Facilitate the appropriate training and readiness through boot camps, pilots, training and community calls events
  • Partner with Human Resources to define meaningful career paths and growth opportunities by role within the discipline
  • Identify, interview, and qualify partners aligned with discipline and records within the Partner Qualification Catalogue
  • Support partner readiness through collaboration with partner management team and sharing of delivery artifacts, training, tools and best practices