Custom 127 Cubic Inch - 300 mm Rear - Open Primary Chopper Build

Chopper that I built in Kansas before moving to California. Below, I have included YouTube 127 Cubic Inch Chopper Videos (HD), Chopper Final-Build Process Photos, Chopper Photo Shoot Photos, Chopper Wiring Diagram (Quick Sketch) and Complete Chopper Specification Details for this build.

  • YouTube 127 Cubic Inch Chopper Videos (HD)

1 - 127 Cubic Inch Chopper Build Process Slideshow

2 - 127 Cubic Inch Chopper Startup (Street View)

  • Chopper Final and Build Process Photos (Below)

  • Chopper Wiring Diagram

  • Complete Chopper Specification Details

Main Chopper Details

-300mm SeriesTire Thick Frame with 46 Degrees of Rake

-Negative 2" Downtube Stretch and 5" BB Stretch, ALL TIG Welded

-127 Cubic Inch Polished Ultima Series Motor

-6 Speed RSD Polished Transmission

-Polished Billet Wheels

-Celtic 3 3/8" Open Belt w/ Outer Bearing Support

-Arched Bottom 4.5" Stetched Gas Tank

-13" Strutless Steel Rear Fender

-Daisey Cutter RSD Exhaust

-Chrome Heat Shields

-Black Solo Leather Seat

-Chrome Handlebars and Controls

-Chrome Front Headlight and Tail Light assemblies

-Matching Rotors and Pulleys

-HHI Chrome Braking System

-Avon Venom Tires

-Chrome 41mm Front End

-Chrome Triple Trees

-Dakota Digital Mini Digital Speedometer

Engine Details

-127ci Show Polished Engine with Rated Power of 140 HP and 135 ft lbs of torque (Includes Compression Releases)

-Polished S&S Super "G" Carb.-Billet 3 3/8" Belt Drive with Outer Bearing Support 

-6 Speed Ultima Transmission or a RSD transmission

-32 Amp Charging System with Chrome Voltage Regulator

-1.75Kw Chrome Starter with a Solenoid Start Switch

-Chrome Oil Filter and Chrome Mount

-Single Fire Ignition and Chrome Ignition Cover

-Single Fire DYNA 3 ohm Coils with Single Plug Heads

-Chrome Tribal Coil Bracket for Dyna Coils

-Donnie Smith Coil Covers

127" Engine Specifications

-Bore: 4.25

-Stroke: 4.5

-Piston: Forged

-Compression: 10.2:1

-Rated Power: 140RW HP

-135 LB FT Torque

-S&S Super "G" Manifold

-Camshaft: .640 Lift

-CRANE Pushrods

-CHROME Harley Davidson Nose Cone

-Harley Rockers

-Billet Oil Pump

-Chrome Tappet Blocks

Primary Drive

-Custom 3 3/8" Belt Drive Manufactured from Billet 6061 T6 Aluminum

-Outer Bearing Support, Goodyear Belt, Heavy Duty Alto Clutch Assembly and Starter Shaft


-Daisey Cutter Exhaust System

-Stepped: 1"3/4 to 2"1/4

-Transmission Mounted

Forward Controls

-Made from Billet 6061 Aluminum with hardened stainless steel pivot points

-5/8 bore Master Cylinder

-Adjustable shifter and brake arms

-Triple Chrome Plated for a high luster

Gas Tank

Gas Tanks made from 14 gauge steel, have an exclusive grommet mounting system, phosphate etched to help prevent corrosion, and made for screw-in pop-up gas caps.

Holds Approximately 4 gallons

Overall Length: 23.25"

Tunnel Length: 23.25"

Tunnel width: 2.00"

Overall width: 13.50"

Height: 8.86"