Building Circuits in Nikola Tesla's Study

Recently, I was able to stay in Nikola Tesla's Study - 3328 at The New Yorker Hotel. In September 2014, I stayed in Nikola Tesla's Room - 3327 at The New Yorker Hotel and put together an entry on my engineering blog ( I have been blown away as I have studied the man Nikola Tesla and his work. He was truly ahead of his time and humbly innovated for the world. We can all learn something from his determination and his endless path of innovation. Everything from Alternating Current (AC) to Wireless Technologies came from this genius. 

In this configuration, I am using a Arduino Board from SparkFun Electronics ( and a Logic Analyzer from Saleae ( They are both great companies and have phenomenal products.

The New Yorker Hotel is my favorite hotel to stay at in New York. It is so rich in history and is truly New York City. The reservation team are always beyond helpful. They can be reached at