Consumer Wearables - Current and Future

I recently came across this in the recent version of ECN. Wearables are a $20 billion dollar market in 2015, but by 2025 experts estimate the market will rise to $70 billion with healthcare wearables representing the bulk of the products. Wearables on the market today can record your biometrics, ensure you correct posture, and even track an unborn baby’s heartbeat. In the future, researchers are hoping to reduce burdens on hospitals by offering at-home medical care options and offer the ability to better track patient’s overall health. 

Below, I have listed the company URLS within the photo. 

Muse by InteraXon -
Sulon Technologies Cortex -
Hexoskin Smart Shirt -
Upright -
Apple Watch -
Owlet -
Athos Smart Shorts -
Ritmo Beats -
AmpStrip -