Home Energy Monitoring System

I previously installed a Home Energy Monitoring System into the Main Power Panel at my home to accurately monitor my electrical usage.  Once installed on the Main and other various Breaker Channels, you can view Amps, Watts and Volts in real (Live) and historical views. Most of my energy consumption was on the blue channel which is the Main, AC and Dyer Channel which will be your biggest consumers of power.  The pink channel is my home vSphere lab which consists of two homemade vSphere Servers and EMC\LifeLine NAS Server along with my home office equipment.  I brought my vSphere Lab and Storage online around 7:30 AM on Monday morning.  Starting all of my equipment has a peak in rush of 850 watts and then goes to a normalized continuous load of around 600 Watts.  That’s pretty reasonable power consumption for my home office and home lab.