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Engineering, machining, welding and manufacturing have all been a big part of my life since a very young age. My formal introduction to manual machining started my sophomore year in High School and I dove deep into industrial CNC machining the next year during my junior year in High School. It all started with large scale Makino CNC Machining Centers producing Caterpillar spacer decks, flywheel housings, front housings and John Deere planetary housings. At a young age, this experience made me understand the endless capabilities with these toolsets. From those early years, manufacturing in reference to design and machining have always been areas with on going focus. 

Over the last year, I’ve been looking for home office CNC machines for rapid prototyping. The Nomad 883 CNC Machine Carbide3D from Nomad (http://carbide3d.com) is beyond promising. I placed my order in late 2014 and cannot wait to get my Nomad 883 in the Summer of 2015. 

The Nomad 883 includes all of the hardware and software you need to take your 3D file and make a part. It is capable of positioning accuracy of .001” (that’s less than the thickness of a human hair). That means you can be sure that part number one will match part number 100 without any special work from you. The spindle uses an ER-11 collet to give you the flexibility to use a range of cutters with no proprietary holders. The window, dust control, rigid frame, linear motion hardware, spindle, tool length probe, table and 75 dB noise output (while roughing) are just additional bonus features. I’ve listed a few details below but encourage you to go to http://carbide3d.com to see the complete details.

My favorite video of the Nomad 883 in action is the CNC Machining of a Two-Side Action Figure at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvGtw1Qk1F0. I’ve also included a few additional videos below. The Bamboo Enclosure version is $2,599.00 and the White HDPE Enclosure version is $2,499.00 and can be pre-ordered at http://carbide3d.com. A $250.00 deposit is all that is needed to hold your spot in line. The Carbide3D Nomad 883 is a phenomenal deal being a complete CAD/CNC solution. The Carbide3D team/staff are beyond helpful and can be reached via the main http://carbide3d.com website.

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