Intel SS4200-E Performance Review (For Home VMware ESXi Lab)

Here is the performance testing that I ran on my Intel SS4200-E NAS Server running EMC Life Line for my Home VMware ESXi Lab. 


I used Iozone Filesystem Benchmark ( for the performance testing below.  The command with option that I used for this test was “iozone -Rab cifs_test.xls -i 0 -i 1 -+u -f Y:\cifs_test -q 64k -n 32M -g 1G –z” as an example.


CIFS performance testing on my SS4200-E (4 - 1TB Drives in RAID-5) with 512 MB (Standard) Cache and with 1 GB (Upgraded) Cache.  I observed a max write speed of 90.06 MB/sec and a max read speed of 53.17 MB/sec.