Data Center Design and Analysis with future facilities 6SigmaRoom

Data Center thermal analysis has always been of great interest to me. Last year, I conducted Vblock and VNX DAE Thermal Imaging which was very beneficial. Over the next few months, I plan to start working with a very detailed data center design and analysis suite called 6SigmaRoom (Computational Fluid Dynamics) from future facilities. Below, I have included two short videos that I have posted to YouTube along with photos in reference to general capabilities. To get started, I will be utilizing the Lite version which has a 30 day trial to start digging deep into the product. Products like this represent the framework to take data center design and analysis to the next level. 

future facilities solutions are used by design firms and owner/operators alike throughout the lifecycle of the data center to ensure availability, capacity and efficiency. future facilities ACE Performance Score provides a visual measure of these three interrelated variables in one holistic metric.  future facilities is part of a working group at The Green Grid that is developing a standard for measuring such performance, just as PUE currently looks at efficiency. The PDF link below explains ACE and how it has been used by Bank of America to save over $10M.

From Compromised to Optimized - An ACE Performance Assessment Case Study PDF (Select to Download)

A)    future facilities 6SigmaRoom

A1) Data Center Thermal Analysis Example

A2) Laptop Thermal Analysis Example